Idaho Museum of Natural History Field Trips

Gallery tours & add-ons include a $2/student admission fee, payable on-site. Please select from the menu to build your field trip! If you don’t see what you need, please contact us at 208-282-2195 or

This Is Idaho Gallery Tour

Take a guided tour of our This Is Idaho gallery. We can tailor this tour to a specific content area or focus, or provide a general overview.

Duration: 1 hour

Skulls: Everybody's Got One Gallery Tour

Take a guided tour through our Skulls: Everybody’s Got One exhibit. Learn about the various ways that skulls help animals communicate, eat, and find mates!

Duration: 30 minutes

Fossils of Idaho

Add this on to any gallery tour! Learn about the fantastic fossils of Idaho, from the short-faced bear to Oryctodromeus, and see how paleontologists uncover the secrets of Earth’s past in our Hagerman Horse exhibit and dig pit.

Duration: 30 minutes

Native Plant Garden

Add this on to any gallery tour! Take a guided look at our native plant garden and learn about the importance of pollinators to our high desert/mountain ecosystems.

Duration: 30 minutes

Visit to Your Classroom

Is a fieldtrip not in your budget or time-frame? We’re happy to come to you! The one-hour timeslot includes travel time in the Pocatello area, but we are happy to travel elsewhere in the state or stay longer at a school to serve multiple classes. We can arrange those details, as well as what content you would like us to cover, after you make your initial booking.

Duration: 1 hour

Custom, standards-based activity

If more than just a tour is what you are looking for, we have (or can work with you to develop) Idaho standards-based, hands-on activities and lessons revolving around our exhibits and collections. From lessons in the exhibit hall, to personalized on-campus hands-on experiences, to outdoor learning, we can meet the needs of your class! Note: 14 day advance notice is required for custom lessons.

Duration: 1 hour

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