Idaho Museum of Natural History Field Trips

Tours & add-ons include a $2/student admission (chaperones free), payable on-site. Please select from the menu to build your trip! If you don’t see what you need, please contact

This Is Idaho Gallery Tour

Take a guided tour of our This Is Idaho gallery. We can tailor this tour to a specific content area or focus, or provide a general overview.

Duration: 45 minutes

Life in One Cubic Foot Gallery Tour

Visit the Smithsonian traveling exhibit Life in One Cubic Foot, only here until November 13th! Learn about how one small area can host so much life!
School groups receive free admission while this exhibit is up.

Duration: 30 minutes

Borrow a Cubic Foot

For a limited time, you can borrow a cubic foot sampling box for a week for your classroom. Two cubes per classroom maximum, maximum of one week loan. We are happy to come to your school or classroom to help set up the cube and provide orientation, or this can be done in conjunction with a fieldtrip to see Life in One Cubic Foot.

Duration: 24 hours

Build Your Own Museum

Our “museum game” allows learners to explore how museums work and what makes natural history museums different from other types of museum. Suitable for groups of up to 30 students.

Duration: 45 minutes

Fossils of Idaho

Add this on to any gallery tour! Learn about the fantastic fossils of Idaho, from long-horned bison to Oryctodromeus. Handle real Idaho fossils and investigate what came before us right here in our state! Suitable for up to 45 students

Duration: 30 minutes

Archaeological Puzzles

Explore the skills archaeologists use when reconstructing the past, and piece together ancient pottery in this fun, hands-on activity for up to 30 students.

Duration: 30 minutes

Printing Natural History

Add this on to any gallery tour! Have your students take home a fun natural history print, and learn about natural history and the history of printing at the same time! Suitable for groups of up to 25 students

Duration: 30 minutes

Visit to Your Classroom

Is a fieldtrip not in your budget or time-frame? We’re happy to come to you! The one-hour timeslot includes travel time in the Pocatello area, but we are happy to travel elsewhere in the state or stay longer at a school to serve multiple classes. We can arrange those details, as well as what content you would like us to cover, after you make your initial booking.

Duration: 1 hour

Custom, standards-based activity

If more than just a tour is what you are looking for, we have (or can work with you to develop) Idaho standards-based, hands-on activities and lessons revolving around our exhibits and collections. From lessons in the exhibit hall, to personalized on-campus hands-on experiences, to outdoor learning, we can meet the needs of your class! Note: 14 day advance notice is required for custom lessons.

Duration: 1 hour

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